Pre-viz & Storyboarding

The below pre visual art has been used to help clients win new contracts and keep existing ones.  The rich style allows the viewer  to see the potential of an idea without it being "spelt out" too much for them. Creatives have used Gary's pre-viz  to present ideas to top clients such as Guinness, Heineken, Vodafone, Carlsberg, Budweiser and many more.

Luka Pooka 

Sample animatics

One of the most powerful tools in a pipeline is the humble animatic. A rough pencil version of any project that enables quick and (relatively) painless editing options allowing an early peek into how the final product will run.

The movies below are samples of our some of Gary's animatics...


Thumbnailing process video

Client testimonials:

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary for about 8 years now. Among other creative services he offers, he is a talented and highly experienced storyboard artist who has done some great work for me, often under very tight deadlines. Gary has a lovely fluid drawing style and can produce work that is deliberately loose or vague when required, but can also produce very finished, detailed and polished work. His background in animation and motion graphics mean that he can also take storyboards forward into animatics and animation. He’s a great guy to deal with and I highly recommend him."

James Carr

Creative Director

Target McConnells


"I have worked with Gary closely on various projects for over 10 years.

Over this time I have found his work to be superb. His ability to understand a storyboard brief and bring his own creative suggestions to it have always impressed me. The work has always been improved by Gary's input. His draughtsmanship is superb, his framing and camera angles dramatic and his sense of colour bring things alive.

I would recommend Gary very strongly."

Paul Barrass

Creative Director

Face to Face



"I’m really reluctant to recommend Gary because once he’s on your site he will never be available to me. I’ve worked with him for about 5 years now and he has always delivered great line and colour work. He fully understands the time pressures involved and always manages to deliver without a dip in quality."

Rob Murray,

Senior art director,



"I have been using Gary now since 2006, he's pretty much my 'go to guy' for visualizing. His work has always been of a very high standard but the thing that sets him apart from other visualisers is that he just gets 'it'. He understands how to tell a story through a minimum amount of frames. He reads the script and understands the idea then through a collaborative process creates rough visuals that are 'spot on'. I love his use of line and his control of expression. Simply, he's the best."

Clayton Homer

Senior Art Director



"I have worked with Gary on quite few projects over the years, for clients such as Guinness, Vodafone Ireland and Carlsberg. I consider Gary one of the best storyboard artists in Ireland today and would have no problem recommending him to other agencies. He has always been 'spot on' with his outputs and meets his deadlines even when they are extremely tight."

Marty Busch

Head of Creative

Simply Zesty