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LUKA doesn’t always think things through and has a knack for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. But whatever problems his absent mindedness creates, once he realises his mistakes, he’ll do everything possible to set things right. He spends his days with his best friend DAISY DIMPLES, a Wood Fairy trying to master her magical powers, and his other Tír na nÓgian pals – Leprechauns, Banshees, Trolls (wood and mountain), Fir-Bholgs and Goblins (hob and assorted), to name a few. This colourful cast draws on the rich traditions of Celtic legend, and will provide a lively introduction to Celtic mythology for pre-schoolers of all cultures

*Sample scripts available on request

Pencil animatic...

Luka Pooka artwork2.jpg

Da Pooka brings Luka his new roller skates

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Luka Pooka artwork5.jpg
Luka Pooka artwork4.jpg
Luka Pooka artwork3.jpg
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