Gary is presently developing a slate of projects from animated shorts to TV Series to animated features and is constantly looking out for good partners to co produce with.

There are several funding streams in Ireland... the goal would be to set up long term reciprocal  partnerships.

Below are some of the projectswe have in development. Click on the images to open a short screener on each.


Jessie’s Jobs is a fun filled educational show where our hero has to master a new job every day. Jessie learns about the many fascinating jobs in the world around her with a bit of help from her transformer friend Pixel and a bit of hindrance from her accident-prone pal Bump! With Pixel there to give her advice and provide her with the right uniform and tools for the job, Jessie's imagination and initiative help her deal with the challenges she faces. But when Bump tries to lend a hand things tend to get out of control, so Jessie and Pixel (who can transform herself into any machine) have to join forces to save the day.


LUKA loves fun and mischief, although he doesn’t always listen to what he’s told. He’ll end up causing chaos because he doesn’t think things through and he has a knack for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. But whatever problems he creates, once he realises his mistakes, he’ll do everything possible to set things right. He spends his days with his best friend DAISY DIMPLES, a Wood Fairy trying to master her magical powers, and his other Tír na nÓgian pals – Leprechauns, Banshees, Trolls (wood and mountain), Fir-Bholgs and Goblins (hob and assorted), to name but a few. This colourful cast draws on the rich traditions of Irish legend, and will provide a lively introduction to Celtic mythology for pre-schoolers of all cultures

JOT cover.jpg

11 year old Joey O Tool and 3,000 year old Celtic warrior Finn Mc Cool join forces in this action packed comedy adventure as they pit their wits against an array of escaped mythical creatures in a bid to capture and return them to their own dimension. Joey is the last descendent of ancient high king Hugh O Toole and because of this, legend dictates that he is the only one who can bring the mayhem to an end. The guardians of this other realm ‘The Council of Ancient Elders’ know that Joey is their only hope and so they resurrect mighty Celtic warrior Finn Mc Cool to aid him in his task. Life for an 11 year old boy is difficult enough what with girls and homework, but add a giant warrior to the mix one who doesn’t  know what a car or a TV is,   then you’ll see how difficult things can get, but on the other hand, sometimes  the adventure is all worth the hassle...

kidscreen cover.jpg

Katie is 12, she's kind of shy and a bit clumsy at times, in fact, in most ways she's no different to any other 12 year old girl. She's generous to a fault, she's also afraid of spiders and of the dark. All these traits are quickly put to one side when she's called to action to stop the bad guys. On a daily basis she battles giant space-Zombies and Robo-Aliens by using powers that would be the envy of any superhero. Only thing is... Katie doesn't know how to use these powers properly!